Hand holding a bluebird figuring
the challenges we face are beyond any one person or company to solve as quickly as

let's recode together

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60 Binney St.
Cambridge, MA 02142
+1 339 499 9300

bluebird bio (FR) SAS

75 Boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris

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(Germany) GmbH

Josephspitalstr. 15
80331 München
+49 89 207 040 200

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Greece Single Member L.L.C.

166A, Kifissias Avenue & 2 Sofokleous Str.
GR-151 26 Maroussi, Athens
+30 210 7264118

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(Italy) S.r.l.

Viale Abruzzi 94
Regus Center Loreto
I-20131 Milan

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(Netherlands) B.V.

WTC Utrecht
Stadsplateau 7
7th floor The Office Operators
NL-3521 AZ Utrecht
+31 308009226

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(Switzerland) GmbH

Dammstrasse 21
6300 Zug,

bluebird bio (UK) Ltd.

Belvedere House
RG21 4HG
United Kingdom
+44 1256 596609

Doug Danison

Head of Europe

I am a connoisseur of peanut butter & jellies. You butter believe it gets top dollar at our annual bluebird auction!

Susanne Digel

General Manager, Germany

I climbed Kilimanjaro with my father and will never forget how we stood on the summit together.

Tjarda Kasteel

Country Cluster Manager, CNE (Central Northern Europe)

Having sat in a sky-glide a couple of years ago, I literally felt like a bird and the sky was the limit. I will never forget that great experience!

Daan Kranenburg

General Manager, Expansion Markets

I love Alpine climbing and although it is not quite the same as flying, I sometimes experience what it must feel like especially when summiting a mountain and overlooking a part of the Alps and if weather permits blankets of clouds below.

Frédéric Prince

General Manager, France

I am a fly guy, but not birds, fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). Yes, that’s the one sitting on your wine glass and I can tell you from far whether it is a male or female. A skill learned after years of genetics research.

Nicola Redfern

General Manager, UK

I can’t actually fly but might still manage to pirouette!